Aug 272012

When you do a search for used furnitures online, you’d get a significant number of results for new furnitures being sold at wholesale prices. While most of this furnitures are indeed brand new, there are also refurbished furnitures under this label. Refurbished furnitures are often defective or second hand goods being sent back to the factory for repair, and as a result, not all the parts of the furniture might be brand new.

When buying furniture at wholesale prices, it’s worth noting the reasons why the goods are being sold at a reduced or wholesale price:

1) Clearance
The seller might be looking to clear his/her old stock of goods to make space for new batches of goods, and as such, the seller might throw a warehouse sale.

2) Refurbished Goods
As mentioned earlier, the furnitures might be repaired and resold as brand new items. Refurbished furnitures are usually sold at lower prices, and if you don’t ask the seller, you might not know that it’s a refurbished product. Depending on the scope of repair, the product might have a shorter lifespan because it still has some older components within it.

3) Bulk Buy
Sellers can afford to sell some furnitures at wholesale prices because they buy in bulk, and they’re able to pass the cost savings on to the customers. In these cases, the goods are usually brand new.

The cost savings from purchasing furniture at wholesale prices might not be as significant as buying second hand furniture, however, the goods that you get are new, or much newer in condition. Like second hand furnitures, the choices that you have when selecting discounted furnitures might not be as varied or current, compared to the items in storefronts and furniture malls.

Some of these wholesale furnitures might have been stored for quite some time, and depending on the type of furniture, its condition might not be as good, even though it’s still technically brand new. Bearing that in mind, you might want to inquire from the seller the date of manufacture for the item, and through it, you might have some room to bargain for a better price.


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