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There are 2 main ways you can sell your second hand furniture – 1) online and 2) offline.

If you want to do the selling online, you can consider using online classifieds websites, to put up ads for your items.

If you wish to sell your items offline, to used furniture dealers, you can find a list of dealers here. also has a service where you can contact multiple dealers directly, to share information on the item you want to sell. Click to see.


Online Classifieds Websites And Forums

Singapore Craigslist, Furniture
Craigslist is a no frills online classifieds. Unlike the other sites, Craigslist has no advertisements tacked around your post; they also do not offer paid ads, which in other sites, are placed above all the free ad posts.

Renotalk, Garage Sales & Exchange Corner
Renotalk is one of the biggest home and living website in Singapore, they’ve an active community of homeowners. The site has a buy and sell section in their forums where members can put their furniture (and other home items) up for sale.

Gumtree, Stuff for Sale
Gumtree is another popular online classifieds used for a broad range of buying and selling activities. It’s very easy to post your used furniture offers up on the website.

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OLX, Home – Furniture – Garden Supplies
OLX is one of the simplest classifieds; you can enter all the information necessary and make an ad post in a single page.

Locanto, Furniture for Sale
Locanto is a simple and easy to use online classifieds allowing you to post free location based ads. The site has a furniture for sale section that’s quite active.

88DB, Home Furniture and Appliance allows you to post free ads on the site, the process is simple and straightforward. One useful feature that 88DB has is – their view counter, which allows you to check how many people have seen your ad.

STClassifieds, Home and Appliance
STClassifieds has recently been revamped with a more attractive design, the site has a Home and Appliance section, you can put up your ads for 4 months before it expires.

Singapore Expats Classifieds, Furniture
Singapore Expats Classifieds is another website that pops up when people are searching for used furniture. Like many other classifieds, Singapore Expats Classfieds suffer from the issue of spam, it’s worth noting that your single ad post might get pushed down all the way to the back in a short period of time.


Sell To Used Furniture Dealers

Share information of your items with used furniture dealers, to see if they would like to buy your stuff. This is a suitable option if you are not having any luck selling on online classifieds and forums.

Simply fill up the form below with details of your items, and we’ll share the information with the dealers. If they’re interested in buying your stuff, they’ll contact you back directly with their quotations.

Images of the Items (required)
Please upload your photos to an image host (Picasa, Imgur, or Flickr) and then put the image links below.

Description of Items (required)
Give as much information as possible, so the dealers can evaluate your items more accurately.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Contact Number (optional)


Additional Details:

Your message will be sent to the following businesses that buy second hand furniture:

Thrift House Marketing Pte Ltd
Moovers International
SKAP Logisitcs
Rag & Bone
Hebrews Movers
Uber Trading
Andrew (Myint Soe)
Wolfe Furniture Trading
Andy Furniture

Business owners who deal with second hand furniture, can apply to be on the mailing list, to receive ‘furniture quotation requests’ from customers, by dropping us a message here.

Terms and Conditions:

This service is provided by Used Furniture Singapore (UFS) free of charge. We help to connect customers who want to sell their second hand furniture, with dealers that buy these items.

Through our contact form, visitors can share information of the furniture they’d like to sell, and provide images, details, and their contact information, to the second hand furniture dealers specified above.

UFS does not handle any communications between the customers and dealers, beyond the first enquiry message sent. We’re not responsible for any of the communications and events that occur between the customers and dealers.

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