Oct 212012

We Care Movers is a business providing moving and delivery services, for furniture and bulky items in your home or office space. They aim to provide great service by handling your furniture and items with care, and in doing so, give customers a peace of mind. Their full range of moving and delivery service include:

  1. Furniture Moving for Apartment
  2. Relocation Services
  3. Commercial and Office Move
  4. Night Moving
  5. Packing and Unpacking
  6. Regular Delivery Services
  7. Bubble-Wrapping for Cargo

If you want to arrange for delivery or collection of furniture, We Care Movers also provide one-time or long-term repeat deliveries. They’ve different vehicles to handle different sized furniture and items.

For more information and details, contact their businesses at -

Mobile: 8448 8424
Office: 6636 7841
Email: info@wecaremovers.sg

You can also visit their website here.


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