Aug 272012

Where To Buy Used Office Furniture?

The following is a list of several shops and dealers selling second hand office furniture.

Recon Business Furnitures
Contact number: 64425477 | Email:

Howfine International Pte Ltd
Contact number: 90070896 | Email:

The Office Saver
Contact number: 84958415 | Email:

MSA Solution Pte Ltd
Contact number: 82505090, 67818577

If you are unable to find a suitable dealer to purchase furniture from, you can consider looking for your items online, on websites, classifieds, and forums.

Craigslist is a popular avenue for Singaporeans to post up ads for services and goods they’d like to sell or buy. The website has a good number of ads for second hand office furniture for sale, and you might be able to find some good bargains there.

Renotalk is a website about home renovation. They have an active forum, and a buy sell section where their members offer to sell their pre-owned furniture and home items. You’d be able to find some used office furniture for sale, from time to time.

Gumtree is a widely used online classifieds, many people look for or promote their goods and services on the website. You’d be able to find some used office furniture for sale there. Using their search feature will help you find your desired items faster.

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OLX is a clean looking classifieds website; posting an ad or looking for items is simple and straightforward. They have several second hand office furniture ads posted up from time to time, and you’d be able to view the items in large size images.

Locanto is slightly messy and afflicted with spam from a few users who abuse the the website by filling up pages of the listings with their own ads. You can find some office furniture in their listings, just be sure to use the search function on the site.

88DB is a free online classifieds with many different categories of services and goods advertisements. You’ll be able to find some pre-owned office furniture in their ‘Home Furniture and Appliances’ section.

STClassifieds is another online classifieds where people hawk their second hand items. You’ll be able to find a good amount of office furniture in their ‘Office Furniture and Equipment’ category.

Singapore Expats Classifieds
Singapore Expats Classifieds is a paid online classifieds. You’d be able to find a number of office furniture for sale in their listings, using their search feature will help you find the items faster, but it’s not entirely accurate.

Used Office Furniture In Singapore

Singapore attracts many different companies from all around the world to set up offices locally, we’ve a great amount of physical office space in the central business district area, and outside of the CBD in tech parks located in the heartland areas.

Every month, there are many companies moving in and out of office spaces all across Singapore, they usually leave behind the old office furnitures. When a new company moves in, its not uncommon to see them discarding all the existing furnitures for new ones. As a result, there’s quite a sizeable marketplace for second hand office furnitures in Singapore.

The main advantage of choosing used office furniture instead of new ones is cost savings. These second hand goods can easily cost less than half of their original price; however, each type of furniture depreciate in value differently, for example, hard and durable furniture maintain their condition much better than things like office chairs.

There are many different places that you can look for used office furniture. On the internet, you can find many used furniture dealer websites, online classified ads, and offers on forums. Offline, you can find used furnitures in second hand retail stores and the physical shops of used furniture dealers. Unlike home furniture, you seldom find individual sellers (not dealers or resellers) for used office furniture.

Factors To Consider

Used office furnitures are an appealing option for entrepreneurs and small companies; they might be tight on budget, and are looking to save money in the furnishing of their office spaces. There are, however, considerations to take in mind when getting second hand office furnitures

1) Uniformity might be an issue
You might not be able to get the number of similar furniture that you need for your office; if you’re trying to create a uniform looking office space, this might be difficult to do with second hand furniture, as you’re limited to what’s available from the reseller.

2) Furniture not tailored to your office space
Finding a furniture that fits into your office and together with all the other furnitures, might also be an issue. For smaller sized furnitures like chairs, it’s not so much a concern. However, bigger items like desks, cubicles and office workstations might have been customised for its previous offices.

3) Condition of office furniture
Office furniture get used daily, heavy usage items like chairs won’t hold up well after a period of time, this would be most apparent in its spring and cushion. Office furniture and equipment deteriorate much faster than the furnitures and equipments in your home, and as such, the lifespan of your second hand office furniture might be relatively shorter too.

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