Sep 012012

Hotels can be classified by their level of service, and the target market that they appeal to; the furnitures in these hotels are often a good representation of that. Generally speaking, there are no real distinctions between a furniture made for home, and one that’s made for a hotel.

However, there are certain types of furniture that would definitely give your home a ‘banquet’ like aesthetic; thickly clothed, rich looking, and heavy set furniture will do just that.


Several categories of furniture you’ll usually find in hotels are items like - Bar Stools, Arm Chairs, Chaise Longue, Dining Chairs, Chandeliers, Lounge & Tub Chairs, Mirrors Frames, Pouffes and Footstools, Shelves, Sofas, Tables, and Bed Headboards. You’ll easily find these type of furniture in any used furniture shops or online classifieds.

Depending on the theme of the hotel, the type and look of the furniture will also vary greatly, for example, a victorian themed hotel with lavish furniture vs a contemporary hotel with minimalistic designed furniture. You’ll also be able to purchase these themed furniture in many places.


There are spaces in the hotel which might not exist in your home, for example, a lounge, a bar, a reception area, etc; the furnitures in aforementioned areas include lounge chairs and tables, bar stools and counters, and reception desks. Save for the reception desks and bar counters, you’d be able to find pre-owned versions of the items quite easily. For a start, try online classifieds.

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