Sep 012012

You can find different types of second hand garden furniture for sale, both online and in used furniture stores. Garden furniture are also popularly known as outdoor furniture, and these category of furniture is more relevant to Singaporeans staying in landed properties, like terraces, semi detach, and bungalows.

Compared to normal indoor furniture, the conditions of outdoor furniture would deteriorate much faster, even if it isn’t used very often. Outdoor furniture are much more susceptible to wear and tear caused by the weather and the humid climate of Singapore.

Garden furniture like benches and garden swings might also attract insects to nest in its nooks and crevices; this might be something to look out for when purchasing the items.

When buying pre-owned wooden outdoor furniture, you’ll want to take note of the following points:

1) Is the furniture placed under shelter?

Without a roof, furnitures are directly subjected to the rain and the sun, and depending on its material and the quality of its finish, some of the furniture with poorer built quality will rot, crack, or come under attack by wood boring insects like termites.

The protective coating of paint on the furniture might not stand up well against the tropical Singapore climate, constant exposure to rain and the hot sun will cause the furniture to expand and contract, and over time, the paint or protective coating will crack or flake off, also, the structural strength of the furniture will decrease significantly.

2) What kind of wood is the furniture made of?

The type of wood that the garden/outdoor furniture is made off will greatly affect its durability, some wood are highly resistant to decay, splitting, checking, etc. For example, teak wood is a popular choice of material for outdoor furniture because it doesn’t shrink and expand much, it is naturally resistant to rotting, contains natural oils that repel water, and has good strength.

The type of woods that make for durable outdoor furniture are as follows – Teak, Cedar, Cypress, White Oak, Redwood, Acacia, and China Fir. In addition to inquiring the material of the furniture from your seller, you might want to cross check it against images of the wood online. This might not be possible for wood that’s been painted over.

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