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There are different types of used baby furniture up for sale online, you’d be able to find second hand baby cot, baby walker, cribs, diaper changing table, etc. Unlike most other furniture, many baby furniture might only be used for a short period of time, before the baby quickly outgrows his/her items and equipment.

The accelerated rate of growth in a baby’s first 3 years

Raising a baby can be financially taxing, there are many new items to buy for the baby, alongside supplies like diaper and baby food, and medical expenses. Considering pre-owned furniture for your baby can help you lighten your financial load, and because your baby will only be needing this items for 1 to 2 years, this option would be quite economical.

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As compared to normal furniture, the condition of baby furniture in general, would be much better. Items like a baby crib is a good example of pre-owned baby furniture you should consider – the frame of the crib is built to last much longer than its actual period of use, and the only item that might need to be changed is the bedding.

The other reason baby furniture last much longer is because these items don’t undergo the same level of wear and tear, for example, a bed for children is subjected to damage from kids jumping on the bed, but this is not a problem with a baby crib.

When you get pre-owned baby furniture, you’ll want to inspect the 1) cleanliness, and 2) the structural integrity of the item.

1) Cleanliness

Babies tend to poo and pee a lot, the mattress that comes along with your crib might require changing; other equipments with soft cushion and cloth parts like baby walkers and baby rockers should be checked for stains and smells from waste matter, milk, etc. Even if the item appears to be clean, we’d recommend that you thoroughly clean it again before using it for your own baby.

2) Structural Integrity

Furniture for very young babies are not subjected to any significant impact that would compromise the strength of the furniture; but when you get second hand furniture and items for toddlers, you’ll want to check the goods for physical damage.

A good place to start looking for used baby furniture is through online classifieds.

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