Oct 212012

Tommi Antique Repair specialises in the repair and restoration of used and antique furniture. They provide a full range of restoration services, from refinishing your item’s exterior with a new coat of paint, to replacing damaged parts of furniture with newly fabricated pieces. They promise to serve customers with quality workmanship and expertise.

Tommi Antique Repair handles many types of wood, including black wood, rose wood, and teak wood. They are also able to handle non wood restoration, like upholstery and glass. Other miscellaneous tasks they’re able to handle includes varnishing, paint removal, and cane webbing.

For more details and information, contact the business at -
Tel: 8222 5233
Email: 471972870@qq.com

Or reach them through their facebook. Visit their website here.

Tommi Antique Repair is located at Blk 1085 Eunos Avenue 7A, #02-02, Singapore, Singapore 409535.


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