Dec 092012


STClassifieds is a free online classifieds where you can post up ads to sell your items. You can sell your second-hand furniture and home appliances on their “Home and Appliance” section.

Putting up an ad on STClassifieds is quick and simple, you also do not have to register for membership account before posting. Ads that you create will be reviewed for approval before being posted up.

Inside the ad creation page are a list of rules for users to follow, these guidelines help to reduce spam, and discourage users from abusing the listings. The ad creation interface is basic and straightforward, in addition to images, users can also attach Youtube video links in their ad posts.

STClassifieds also offer additional paid listing options for users who want extra exposure for their ads. To access these options, users will first have to sign up for a membership account.

The listing pages of STClassifieds are relatively clean and free of third party advertisements. The listing pages also feature search and filtering tools to help users quickly find their desired items. The price of each listed items are prominently displayed in bold red font.

Third party ads within your ad post are also minimal, there is no intrusive or distracting ads placed in the content of the posts, and it allows users to read your ad text more effectively. Images of your items are also prominently presented.

Go to STClassifieds “Home and Appliance”

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