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Conducting your garage sales on the forums is an efficient way of selling many of your pre-owned furniture. If you have some time to spare (in that you’re not in a hurry to sell off the items), or you’re living in a flat (with not much space to conduct a physical garage sale), this method would be recommended. The steps to conducting an online garage sale on forums are as follows:

1) Prepare photos and descriptions of all the items that you’re looking to sell.

Photos are important, especially if your potential customers are not able to view the furniture in person, images help them to visualise how the furniture will look in their own house, it’ll also help them to visually assess the condition of your item.

Make sure your photographs are not too dark or blurry, if possible, you’ll want to let sunlight into the room, florescent lights might not be bright enough.

For big furnitures, you might want to take a few photos of it – 1) the whole furniture, and 2) closer shots of the furniture, especially on its prominent parts, for example, its handles, trimmings, etc.


The descriptions for the furniture should include details like -

a) type of furniture
b) brand (if any)
c) age of furniture
d) condition of furniture (including any damage the customer should be aware off)
e) price
f) collection method

It’ll also help if you included why you’re selling the furniture, so that the customers won’t assume that there’s something wrong with the furniture and you’re trying to get rid of it

2) Look for forums to conduct your garage sale.

Many forums have ‘Buy and Sell’ sections where you can reach out to members who are on the look out for a good deal. Here are a few of the more popular forums to start with:

Hardwarezone’s General Merchandise Bazaar 

RenoTalk Garage Sales and Exchange Corner

TheHomeLook Bazaar

3) Start a thread in the forum.

The title of your thread should begin with the acronyms ‘WTS’ (short for Want to Sell), it lets the members know that you’re looking to sell something. You can then add a little bit more detail of the sales – like the category and type of items you’re looking to sell, followed by a ‘call to action’ – prompting them to click through to find out more.

An example of a thread title -

“WTS: Cupboard, Dining Table, Sofa, etc. Good Condition, Take a look!”

Insert and organise all your photos and descriptions neatly into the first post of your thread, this will be where you regularly update the items that are on sale, have been sold, or discounted. Make sure all updates are reflected in your first post, this will allow for easy reference for people browsing your thread.

Within the forum, you can also look for ‘WTB’ (Want to Buy) threads, and if its relevant, you can make a post in it to refer the thread starter to the offers in your own thread.

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