Dec 252013

There are many places where you can purchase second hand sofas in Singapore; you can buy this furniture online and offline. A good place to start your search would be on the internet; you can try browsing local classifieds and forums like:

1) Craigslist “Furniture For Sale”

2) Gumtree “Stuff For Sale”

3) RenoTalk “Garage Sales & Exchange Corner”

4) OLX “Home – Furniture – Garden Supplies”

5) Locanto “Used Furniture For Sale”

6) STClassifieds “Home and Appliance”

7) 88DB “Home Furniture and Appliance”

8) Singapore Expats Classifieds, Furniture Section

If you wish to do your shopping in a physical store, you can consider visiting businesses offering second hand furniture. Here are a few of them:

Getting a second hand couch will save you some money. Depending on the type and size of sofa you’re looking for, you might be able to purchase a pre-owned couch for as cheap as $30. Some of the types of used sofas that people commonly look for include chesterfield sofas, corner sofas, leather sofas, 2 seater sofas and sofa beds.

Before you purchase a pre-owned sofa, you’ll want to make sure that its seat cushions are still reasonably firm, and that its frame is still strong. Because sofas are soft furnishings and feature fabric or leather upholstery, they are not as durable as hard furniture like tables and cupboards. In addition to the cushioning, you’ll also want to make sure that the surface of the sofa is not damaged badly. Wear and tear, however, is common for second hand sofas.

Take a look here for our helpful guide on how to purchase used sofas.

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