Sep 092012

Many of the modern interior furniture utilises stainless steel for its parts and components. The metal has a high tensile strength, and you’ll find it used for hinges, slides, supports and body pieces of many interior furnishings.

One of the best properties of stainless steel furniture is that they do not rust, however, these furnitures are still prone to corrosion, this form of corrosion is called stainless corrosion. This corrosion occurs when the protective film (chromium film) is damaged by abrasion (e.g. scrubbing the metal with steel wool or sandpaper) or chloride (e.g. swimming pool).

To combat corrosion, all it usually takes is a simple cleaning routine with fresh water and mild dishwashing liquid. Stainless steel is ‘self healing’, the chromium film will regenerate when it comes into contact with oxygen. Under most normal circumstances, this will occur naturally.

When you’re scrubbing to remove stains off your used stainless steel furniture, always use a soft cloth, never use abrasive powders or materials, this will damage its protective chromium film. Also, detergents containing chloride should be avoided.

It’s essential to clean your used furniture before selling them, you’ll want to make sure that their in their best condition, to get the highest price possible for it, and with stainless steel furniture, there’s no excuse not to spend a few minutes wiping the surfaces to remove stains.


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