Sep 092012

Outdoor furniture with metal components on it are bound to have a little surface rust, especially if you live in a humid country like Singapore. If you’re planning to sell your used outdoor furniture, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s rust free; this factor significantly affects the value of your item.

If you’re buying used outdoor furniture that’s a little rusty, you can ask the seller for a lower price, and then clean off the rust yourself afterwards. The metal used for outdoor furniture is typically cast iron; furnitures like benches, chairs, and tables, can have cast iron components, or they can be made entirely out of the material.

Rust usually occurs when the furniture’s protective coating is damage or scraped off, exposing the metal underneath to moisture. The oxidisation of cast iron leaves a layer of reddish-brown rust flakes. The followings steps will show you how to remove the rust:

1) First, wash the furniture with a garden hose, to remove dirt, grime, and rust flakes.

2) Next, using a wire brush or sandpaper, scrub the rusty surface down to the underlying metal.

3) Use a paintbrush to apply rust-proof primer onto the cast-iron furniture. Primers allow paint to adhere better to the item, they also add an extra layer of protection.

4) Touch up the damage spot with paint of the same colour. Allow the paint to completely dry before the next step.

5) Although not required, you can apply a layer of automotive wax on the furniture, this will give it added protection from moisture.

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