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Pass It On was established by Central Singapore Community Development Council and The Helping Hand. The organisation’s objective is to redistribute your unwanted furniture and items to the less privileged. The donated items have to be in working condition.

Donating your items

Pass It On provides a donation form where you can fill up the details of the items you’d like to give away. The process is straightforward and simple, you’ll enter your personal details along with a brief description of the items.

For your personal particulars, you’ll need to enter your – 1) name, 2) contact number, 3) email address, and your 4) home address.

For the description of the item, you’ll enter the – 1) name of the item, 2) category of the item, 3) photos of the item, 4) original purchase price of the item, 5) age of the item, 6) length, width, height, and 7) any other further details.

You can specify if you’d like Pass It On organisation to come collect the item, or if you’d like to deliver it down to their offices.

Upon receiving the information, their administrators will contact you to verify your enquiry. If you require assistance, you can contact 6283 2204. Alternatively, you can drop them an email at handsremoval@thehelphand.org.

The items that you donate, will appear on Pass It On’s website, in their Item List.

Additional Information

Pass It On is a project supported by volunteers, it is non-profit in nature. If they’re unable to find a suitable recipient for your item, they will sell the item, and the money gotten from the sales will go back into funding the project, to pay for the operational and transportation costs. If they’re unable to sell the item, it will be disposed off.

The items that you donate will be available to 198 Voluntary Welfare Organisations to receive. See the list of organisations here.

Besides furniture, the following home items and appliances are commonly sought after by the needy.

  • Small refrigerators
  • Table fans
  • Televisions
  • Rice cookers
  • Washing machines
  • Thermo flasks

There’s also a list of wanted items, requested by Voluntary Welfare Organisations, they call it the ‘Wish List‘. If you have the item, and you don’t mind donating it, you can click on the “I Have” link next to the item.


819 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534678
Tel: +65-62832204, Fax: +65-62833748

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