Sep 082012

One effective way of making your used and old furniture look fresh again is by painting it. Painting can help to cover up superficial wear and tear, it can also act as a new layer of protection for your furniture. Here is how you can revamp the look and feel of your furniture with paint.

1) Primer

Firstly, you’d want to prepare the surface of the furniture for painting. If the surface of your furniture is glossy, rough up the glossy coating by sanding it with sand paper (100 grit). Doing this will allow the paint to stick on more easily. After sanding, wipe of the dust, and make sure the surface is dry and clean.

A primer is an undercoat applied on materials before painting, it enhances the adhesion of paint to the item’s surface,  provides additional layer of protection, and increases paint durability. The primer you’ll use depends on the type of paint you choose.

For latex paint, use a latex primer, its easy to apply, and it helps to cover up stains. Latex paint can also be used with oil-based primer, but oil-based primer has a stronger chemical odour.

For oil-based paint, it must be matched with oil based primer. Oil-based primer have the best stain blocking and adhesion properties, but it has an intense smell. Proper room ventilation is required when you work with anything oil-based.

With a paint brush or a roller, apply the primer evenly on the surface of the furniture, do this by using long strokes that run parallel  to the wood grain. Avoid using foam rollers for this process, they create bubbles. Make sure that you cover all the surfaces. For corners and crevices, use a small paint brush to apply the primer.

Leave the primer to dry. The drying time will be listed on the primer’s container.

2) Latex Paint

Latex paint has several advantages – it is more manageable, less pungent, and it has a variety of finishes – flat, eggshell, satin, semigloss, and glossy. In general, paint which are less glossy are more susceptible to staining.

Glossy paint are easier to clean and more durable, it’s recommended for children’s furniture, like tables where they do their homework and crafts on.

To apply the latex paint, use a fresh roller or paintbrush. For latex paint, which is water-based, make sure it’s a synthetic bristle brush. Using a natural-bristle brush for latex paint will cause the brush to absorb water and become limp.

Application of the paint should be done in long and even strokes, the brush should travel in the same direction as the wood grain. After you’ve coated the whole surface, wait for it to dry before applying a second coat. Your first coat of paint might have visible brush strokes, they’ll be less apparent after your second or third coat of paint.

3) Sealer

Application of sealer is not a requirement, but doing so will give an extra layer of protection, and make the furniture even easier to clean. We recommend 2 thin coats of water-based polyurethane. For big projects, buy a bottle of polyurethane and apply it with a foam brush. For smaller items, you can use a polyurethane in a spray bottle.


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