Dec 092012


OLX is a free online classifieds where you can sell and/or look for goods and services. They have a section called “Home – Furniture – Garden Supplies”, where you can put up ads to sell your second-hand furniture.

Posting an ad on OLX is quick and simple; useful dialogue boxes pop up when you’re filling in information, they provide tips on how to create higher quality ads for your items.

Ads posted on OLX do not appear immediately, they take 3 to 6 hours to be approved before being posted up. Overall, the quality of the ads is ok, however, there are still some spammy ad posts by other users.

The design of the site is clean and simple, OLX has Google text ads, but they’re not as overwhelming as Locanto; this means that when you post an ad for your second-hand furniture, visitors will be able to discover it easier.

The ads posted on OLX do not expire, so you might want to remove them after your item is sold, to prevent people from continually contacting you.

OLX is quite user friendly, the ad detail page has a very clean appearance, and all of the information, including the seller’s contacts, are displayed in a clear and intuitive format.

Go to OLX “Home – Furniture – Garden Supplies”

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