Dec 082012


Locanto is a free online classifieds where people post ads for a wide variety of goods and services. The site segments its ads by location, allowing its users to have a more ‘local’ experience. Admittedly, this format of classifieds is not as relevant in a small country like Singapore.

Locanto has a section on the site where users can sell their items; users can sell their second-hand furniture in the “Used Furniture for Sale” subsection.

Posting ads on Locanto is a easy and straightforward process. You choose a relevant category, then you follow simple instructions to create your ads. An email verification is required in order for the ad to be posted.

Your posted ads will remain active for 60 days, approximately 2 months.

Although the process of ad posting is simple, there are several issues in Locanto’s “Used Furniture For Sale” section, that might hinder your efforts to sell your items.

Firstly, the website has a heavy amount of Google Ads. In its listing pages, the first half of the webpage is fill mostly with ads, there’s little to no real content.

Secondly, their “Used Furniture For Sale” section is abused by spammers. It’s easy for users to stuff entire listing pages with their own paid listings, and the end result is the same duplicated listings from one or two paying advertisers.

If you list your furniture with a free listing, your new ad will be buried in page 2 or 3, right at the very start, making it difficult for other people to discover your item.

Go to Locanto “Used Furniture For Sale”

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