Oct 212012

Klean Rite is a business providing reupholstery and restoration services for your used furniture. They specialise in leather and vinyl material, and they’re able to render their services and restoration work on site, or in their workshops. Klean Rite states that they’re amongst one of the oldest and most established leather care specialists in Singapore.

If you have old furniture with leather exterior that needs cleaning and conditioning, Klean Rite will help you wash, moisturise, polish, treat and seal your leather. If there are rips, tears and scratches on your leather, they’ll be able to fill, coat, color match, condition and treat it. If a larger scale restoration is needed, they will reupholster the fabric and leather of your used furniture.

For more information and details, contact their business at -

Tel: 6842-4633
HP: 9191-2661
Email: bernardchia@klean-rite.biz, info@klean-rite.biz

Their business location is in 74 Sungei Kadut Loop, Singapore 729513.

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