Sep 072012

Bed bugs are parasites that infest areas populated by mammals, they would climb onto its host’s body and feed on his/her blood. These insects usually attack you when you are sleeping, they pierce your skin, inject their saliva to numb you and prevent blood from clotting. The results of their bites are red, itchy bumps.

A bed bug infestation usually starts in the mattresses’s tufts, and they gradually move to the crevices and seams, and onto surrounding furniture and items like carpeting, curtains, and baseboards.

When you bring used furniture back home, you won’t always be able to tell whether the item has bed bugs, that is why we would advise you to treat the furniture before bringing it inside your house.

Follow these steps to get rid of bed bugs on your furniture:

1) Disassemble your furniture as much as you can, take out the removable pieces like cushions or drawers.

2) For the non-upholstered pieces of furniture, wipe its surfaces with soapy water and clean sponge. If possible, wash the entire piece under running water.

3) For the crevices and corners of the furniture, use a vacuum with the narrow attachment. Thoroughly vacuum any holes or seams, this will help to remove the bed bugs and their eggs.  Dispose of the vacuum bag after use.

4) For any furniture covers or washable components, put it in the washing machine and run it through a hot-water cycle, then dry it at the highest temperature setting for at least 30 minutes. Please make sure that the materials are pre-shrunk before doing this.

5) For items that cannot be washed properly, seal them in black garbage bags, and leave them out to bake under direct sunlight for the entire day. Most beg bugs and their eggs will die after an hour in temperatures of 46 degrees and above.

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