Oct 202012

Home Etcetera provides a wide range of services that includes restoration, repair, and reupholstery for your used furniture. They also do furniture carpentry, fabrication, customisation, and modification. The company aims to provide a high level of service and good workmanship, while offering affordable prices to its customers.

Home Etcetera restores all types of used furniture, they’re also able to work with ceramics. For your furniture’s exterior, they provide painting, varnishing, and polishing. Their upholstery service includes seat cushions, sofas, and fabric coordination (in which they help pick the best combination of materials for the project).

The business also offers carpentry work, so if you’re looking to fabricate parts and pieces of your furniture to repair it, they can assist you, they’ve created wooden frames for many items – from bed frames, sofas, headboards, to cabinets.

For more details and information, contact them at:

Tel:(65) 6488 1304
Email: homeetcetera@singnet.com.sg

Their office is located at  33 Mactaggart Road (Level 5), Singapore 368082. Their operating hours are 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 12pm (Sat).

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