Oct 272012

This is a list of moving companies in Singapore providing services to relocate, transport, and deliver your furniture and items in your home and office, to your new place of residence or work. These movers can also help you collect or deliver the used furniture that you buy or sell online.

Many of these moving companies provide the same range of services, so it can be a little difficult to tell the difference between one mover from another. We’d advise that before engaging the companies’ services, give them a call to share with them your moving needs, and ask for their solutions. Besides the price, it’s important to consider how the movers plan to help you transport your furniture and items.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 21 companies providing moving services:

The Helping Hand (reviewed)
Tel: 6283 2204
Email: handsremoval@thehelphand.org

Elite Movers (reviewed)
Tel: 6242 4886
Email: sales@elitemovers.com.sg

CYC Movers (reviewed)
Tel: 6367 1732
Email: enquiries@cycmovers.com

Hebrews Movers
Tel: 8106 6878
Email: sales@hebrewsmovers.sg

We Care Movers
Tel: 8448 8424 or 6636 7841
Email: info@wecaremovers.sg

Superstar Mover
Tel: 6284 1015

Cheapest Mover
Tel: 91706850
Email: info@cheapest-mover.com

Ee House Moving Services
Tel : 6844 7972 or 9124 4606

Advance Services and Transport
Tel: 9837 7227

Moovers International
Tel: 6742 0550
Email: sales@moovers.sg

Soon Seng Transport
Tel: 6368 4988 or 6566 8212
Email: enq@soonsengtransport.com.sg

Zealous Movers
Tel: 6245 7727
Email: enquiry@zealous.com.sg

Apex Movers
Tel: 9233 9992
Email: sales@apexmovers.com.sg

Asia One Movers
Tel: 6555 5417
Email: sales@asiaonemovers.com.sg

CitiMap Transport Service
Tel: 6754 2555
Email: info@citimap.sg

KNT Movers
Tel: 67476636
Email: info@kntmovers.com

Superior Movers
Tel: 6310 7085
Email: sales@superior.com.sg

Uber Movers
Tel: 9326 5554 or 9800 1360
Email: uber_service@hotmail.com

PH Movers
Tel : 6482 5525
Email: sales@phmovers.com.sg

Value Movers
Tel: 87778686
Email: valuemovers@hotmail.com

Yong Shen Service
Tel: 9129 5501 or 9101 0268
Email: yongshenservice@ymail.com.sg

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