Oct 202012

Hebrews Movers is a business providing moving services in Singapore. They have over a decade of experience in moving furniture, and every other kind of large bulky items around, including household or commercial appliances and equipments.

They provide a full scale moving service, from disassembly of your furniture and items, packing, delivery, unpacking, to re-assembling it at your destination. Some of their furniture moving services comprises of the following -

Furniture/Item Delivery
Domestic Relocation
Corporate/Commercial Relocation
International Relocation

Hebrews Movers are also able to handle more demanding moving tasks – they are able to crane large furniture, build customised crates for fragile items, and their staff are trained to handle expensive furniture.

Aside from moving, they also provide additional furniture services like:

Disposal services
Buying old furniture
Packing services

For more details and information:

Contact them at
Tel: 8106 6878
Email: sales@hebrewsmovers.sg

Or visit their website.

Their business is located at 18 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore, Singapore 573960


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