Dec 082012


Gumtree is a free online classifieds where users can post free ads to sell, or request for goods and services.

They have a section on their website called “Stuff for Sale”, and people can sell their second-hand furniture under the “Household and Furniture” subsection.

Posting an ad on Gumtree is simple and straightforward.

Users are able to get more attention to their ads by choosing different paid promotion methods, like top listing positions or highlighting ads with labels.

Like Locanto, Gumtree is quite heavy on third party text advertisements. On its listing pages, the first half of the page is filled with advertisements, you’ll have to scroll down before you see posts by actual users.

That being said, the overall user experience on Gumtree is relatively better than Locanto.

Its ”Stuff For Sale” section is not spammed as badly as Locanto, there’s still a substantial number of paid listings above the free ones, however, they come from a variety of users, instead of just one or two.

Gumtree also has less intrusive text ads within an ad detail page, most of them are located at the bottom of the page, it allows users to read your ad quicker and easier.

When you put up a free ad on Gumtree’s “Household and Furniture” subsection, you’ll be able to see your listing on the first page. This makes the website much more effective compared to Locanto.

Go to Gumtree “Stuff For Sale”.

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