Sep 292012

Choosing a second hand mattress over a new one can mean significant cost savings, however, when buying or obtaining a preowned mattress, one has to be extra aware of the furniture’s condition, as there might be problems with the mattress that could affect your health and well-being .

These are a few important points to keep in mind when you’re considering used mattresses.

1) Check for bed bugs

One of the most common problems with preowned mattresses is bed bugs. Mattresses are prone to these infestations if they’re not cleaned regularly or properly by the previous owner, or if the mattresses get stored alongside other furniture with bed bugs during the reselling process.

There are also quite a number of people who leave their unwanted furniture around the neighbourhood, if you chance upon discarded mattresses, you should be wary that the furniture isn’t infested.

Bed bugs bite and feed on you while you’re sleeping. They can cause itchy red bumps all across your body, leading to excessive scratching and if the condition gets worse, you might get skin infections.

As you move around your house, you’re bringing the bed bugs into new areas where they’ll multiply and infest. An infested mattress can lead to a more widespread infestation in your entire home.

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2) Does the mattress provide proper support?

The condition of a mattress may not hold up as well as other furniture, it is usually put under more stress and weight, especially if its previous users were adolescent kids or heavier individuals. Over time, the spring of the mattress might not be able to provide sufficient support for your body – sleeping on a limp mattress will hurt your back and neck.

Before obtaining the mattress, you might want to test the mattress by pushing down on it along its entire length, to see if the springs are still strong. If possible, you can lie down on the mattress, that way, you’ll be able to really feel if it’s supporting your body adequately.

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