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The following is a comprehensive list of companies you can check out for disposal services -

Junkie Chute
Tel: 98894227
Email: junkiechute@gmail.com

SKAP Logistics Pte Ltd
Tel: 67492306, 67490486
Email: junk@skapglobal.com

De Imprezzione
Tel: 90774277, 97453077
Email: de.disposal@gmail.com
Rates: Starts from $80

Springwood Singapore
Email: springwood_singapore@hotmail.com

Junk Away
Tel: 97814170
Email: junkaway@singnet.com.sg
Rates: Starts from $50

Destination Removals
Tel: 81250477
Rates: Starts from $28

MNS Trading & Recycle
Tel: 81885201, 94597599

Pearl Trading & Recycle
Tel: 82331377

Mover 101
Tel: 64925249
Rates: Starts from $80

The rates for disposal service depends on the volume of items that you need to clear, however, it’ll usually cost you $50 to $80. Some companies are willing to waive service charges if the used furniture is still in good condition.

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There are also many movers that provide furniture disposal services, they are as follows:

Yong Shen Service
Tel: 9129 5501 or 9101 0268
Email: yongshenservice@ymail.com.sg

PH Movers
Tel : 6482 5525
Email: sales@phmovers.com.sg

Value Movers
Tel: 87778686
Email: valuemovers@hotmail.com

CYC Movers
Tel: 6367 1732
Email: enquiries@cycmovers.com

Superior Movers
Tel: 6310 7085
Email: sales@superior.com.sg

Uber Movers
Tel: 9326 5554 or 9800 1360
Email: uber_service@hotmail.com

Asia One Movers
Tel: 6555 5417
Email: sales@asiaonemovers.com.sg

CitiMap Transport Service
Tel: 6754 2555
Email: info@citimap.sg

KNT Movers
Tel: 67476636
Email: info@kntmovers.com

Soon Seng Transport
Tel: 6368 4988 or 6566 8212
Email: enq@soonsengtransport.com.sg

Zealous Movers
Tel: 6245 7727
Email: enquiry@zealous.com.sg

Apex Movers
Tel: 9233 9992
Email: sales@apexmovers.com.sg

Ee House Moving Services
Tel : 6844 7972 or 9124 4606

Advance Services and Transport
Tel: 9837 7227

Moovers International
Tel: 6742 0550
Email: sales@moovers.sg

Cheapest Mover
Tel: 91706850
Email: info@cheapest-mover.com

Hebrews Movers
Tel: 8106 6878
Email: sales@hebrewsmovers.sg

The Office Saver
Tel: 8495 8415
Email: info@theofficesaver.com

Additional Information:
In addition to the companies listed above, the other organisations and groups you can seek furniture disposal services from are - Town Councils, Karung Guni, and The Helping Hand.

You’ll be able to get free furniture disposal services from your Town Council, so it’s recommended that you try this option first. There are, however, items that Town Councils will not help you remove – e.g. kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

If you’re trying to dispose smaller size furniture, consider selling or giving the item away to the Karang Guni man, also known as rag and bone man. If the furniture is in good condition, they might even give you a little money for it.

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