Apr 212013

If you’re having difficulty selling off your second hand furniture and other miscellaneous items, and you don’t want to dispose of it because it’s still in working condition, consider giving away the item for free online, on the Singapore Freecycle Network.

What is Singapore Freecycle Network?

The Singapore Freecycle Network is part of The Freecycle Network, a global community of people who give to and receive items from each other, in an effort to reduce waste and save resources. The Freecycle concept is practiced in over 85 countries, including Singapore, and there are thousands of local groups with millions of members.

The Singapore Freecycle Network has 12208 members, it was founded in Oct 9, 2003. The activities of the community takes place in a Yahoo Group, where members can post up the items they want to give away or receive, in a message board.

To access the message board, you’ll have to sign up for a Yahoo account first. You can do so here. Once you have an account, you’ll have to join the Singapore Freecycle Network group. You’ll then be able to see all the messages and topics inside.

The group is monitored by moderators; they are in charge of approving your posts. There are 2 different types of posts that members can make – 1) OFFER, and 2) WANTED.

If you have furniture and items you’d like to donate and give away, make an ‘OFFER’ post. If you’re looking to receive free items, make a ‘WANTED’ post. Members are encouraged to refrain from spamming the group, lest they want to be banned by the moderators.

Singapore Freecycle Network is very active; they have an average of 752 posts per month (in the year 2012), and there’s a good balance between the number of people who are giving items away, and people who are looking for items.

Creating A Post

Creating a post in the group is straightforward and simple. From the homepage of the group, you’d be able to see a message board with numerous posts listed, on the right hand corner, there’s an option to ‘Start Topic’.

Clicking on ‘Start Topic’ will bring you to a page where you can compose your message, with a subject title and the message body. You’ll be able to use html formatting in your posts, so bolding, italicising, hyperlinking, are possible. To share images of your items, you can upload the photos into an album, and then share them in your posts using a hyperlink.

When you’re done composing your message, clicking ‘Send’ will submit your message to the moderators, who will then review your posts before publishing it.

Visit Singapore Freecycle Network here.

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