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Besides selling your second hand furniture, you can also opt to give it away.

Pass It On

Pass It On is an organisation jointly created by Central Singapore Community Development Council and The Helping Hand; they aim to redistribute your unwanted (but still in working condition) items to the needy and underprivileged.

Donated items (including used furniture) will be made available to Voluntary Welfare Organisations, for example Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres.

In order to donate your used furniture and other items, visit Pass It On’s donation page. Type in your basic personal details, and description of the items that you would like to give away. Their administrators will then contact you for confirmation and verification.

Should you require any assistance, you can contact the organisation @ 6283 2204.


Freecycle (also known as Singapore Freecycle Network) is a Yahoo Group where Singaporeans gather, to give away or ask for furniture, appliances, and other miscellaneous items. The network aims to reduce waste by connecting people who are discarding their unwanted items, with other people who might be seeking similar goods.

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Note: If your furniture is in a poor condition, it will be difficult to find an organisation which would accept your donation. In cases like this, you might want to consider disposing your item instead. You can find disposal services here and here.

Salvation Army

The other charitable organisation that you can donate your pre-owned furniture to is the Salvation Army. To donate your items, you can visit their thrift stores in 5 different locations, during their operating hours -

Upper Serangoon Family Thrift Store
Address: 309 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 347693
Telephone: 6288 5438

Operating Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am – 6pm
Friday and Saturday, 10am – 7.30pm

Praisehaven Family Thrift Store
Address: 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678106
Telephone: 6349 5334 / 6349 5304 / 6349 5312

Operating Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am – 6pm
Friday and Saturday, 10am – 9pm

Hope Centre Family Thrift Store
Address: 7 Upper Changi Road North Singapore 507705
Telephone: 6546 0309

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm

Bukit Merah Family Thrift Store
Address: Blk 133 Jln Bukit Merah #01-1530 Singapore 160133
Telephone: 6275 5877 Fax: 6275 5877

Operating Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday,8am- 6pm,
Friday, 8am -7pm

IMH Pick & Choose Thrift Store
Address: 10 Buangkok View Singapore 539747
Telephone: 6385 3874

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

The Salvation Army also offers a door-to-door collection service for bulky items. To schedule a collection, you’ll have to contact their donor coordinator -

Telephone: 6288 5438

Alternatively, a request can also be submitted here.

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