Oct 302012

If you’re buying or selling used furniture, you might need to have it delivered, especially if it’s large and bulky. Unlike buying new furniture from a store, people who are selling their second hand furniture usually require buyers to do self collection, and if you don’t have a vehicle, or a vehicle that’s large enough, you would have to get movers to help you out.

The rates for delivery can start at $40 and go over $100, depending on the scale of the delivery service – for example, extra labour, small van or large lorry, fragile furniture, dismantling and reassembly, etc. The following is a list of companies providing delivery services for your furniture and bulky items.

Hebrews Movers
Tel: 8106 6878
Email: sales@hebrewsmovers.sg

We Care Movers
Office: 6636 7841
Email: info@wecaremovers.sg

Superstar Mover
Tel: (65) 6284 1015

Moovers International
T: +65 6742 0550
E: sales@moovers.sg

Advance Services and Transport
Tel: 9837 7227

Soon Seng Transport
Tel: 6368 4988
Email: enq@soonsengtransport.com.sg

CitiMap Transport Service
Tel: 6754 2555
Email: info@citimap.sg

KNT Movers
Tel: 67476636
Email: info@kntmovers.com

Value Movers
Tel: 87778686
Email: valuemovers@hotmail.com

PH Movers
Tel : 6482 5525
Email : sales@phmovers.com.sg

Yong Shen Service
Tel: 9129 5501
Email: yongshenservice@ymail.com.sg

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