Oct 232012

De Imprezzione is a business providing removal and disposal for your old used furniture. They state that their disposal services are cheap, so if you’re looking for a cost efficient option to remove your unwanted furniture, you can consider them.

De Imprezzione details their disposal process, in which they sort the furniture – those that are still in working condition are donated to non-profit organisations. The furnitures which are not salvageable, are taken to Tuas disposal yard. Their business aims to actively contribute to the society through this act of recycling.

The company is able to dispose of many types of furniture from your home or office, including the ones listed below:

  1. Dining chairs and tables
  2. Sofas
  3. Coffee tables
  4. Bed frames and mattresses
  5. Television sets
  6. Washing machines
  7. Electrical items
  8. Office peripherals, equipments, and furniture
  9. Heavy machinery & equipments
  10. All other miscellaneous wood, plastics, metal waste

If you wish to inquire more about their services, give them a call:

Alexandar S. 90774277
Max Ho 97453077

Or email them at de.disposal@gmail.com


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