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CYC Movers is a business providing moving solutions for the furniture and items in your home and/or office. For residential relocation, the company provides the following services -

  • Surveying your home to assess the requirements of moving your furniture and other household items
  • Documentation and tracking of your items during the moving process
  • Providing you with cardboard boxes for packing
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Protecting your furniture and items with wrappings and pads if required
  • Insurance coverage for your furniture and items
  • House cleaning services

The company also provides short and long term storage solutions. If you require disposal of used unwanted furniture, they’d be able to help you too. CYC Movers promises customers high quality service with transparent pricing.

CYC Movers charge moves by number and type of items, not number of trips or lorries. The company will send a representative down to your house to note the big items and number of boxes required for the move, and then quote you accordingly. For big fragile items like pianos, they charge $80 extra. A customer shared that his move costed $700+, which include 150 boxes, and a piano.


Reviews for CYC Movers:

Renotalk forumer ‘Minerat’ highly recommends CYC Movers, he remarks that the movers are very careful with his items, but as a result, the moving process might take a little longer. He says that the movers are very conscientious, they take off their shoes before entering the house, they do not bring trolleys into the house, and they do not drag heavy furniture across the floor. – source

‘FTorres’ and ‘frostyapple’ also recommend CYC Movers’ services, ‘FTorres’ says that they have very good service, and the staff are very polite, and they’re very careful with his stuff. – source

‘sff’ states that the company is very efficient and they have good service. He says they reach his house 15 to 20 minutes earlier, and the movers were polite and friendly. ‘sff’ says that they wrap his piano with 5 layers of protection, and everything was hand carried out of and into the houses. – source


For more information, contact them or visit their website:

Tel: 6367 1732
Email: enquiries@cycmovers.com

Their business is located in 5 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 3, Unit #01-53, Singapore 739251.


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