Sep 062012

Upholstered furniture are furniture that comes with webbing, springs, padding, and fabric or leather covers. One of the most common examples of upholstered furniture are chairs and sofas. When you obtained or purchase pre-owned upholstered furniture, it is best to clean them thoroughly before usage.

1) Firstly, remove all the debris on the furniture and in its corners and crevices, do this with a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a brush attachment on, so that the vacuum doesn’t suck and damage the covers of the furniture.

2) Before applying any cleaning liquid onto your furniture, check for care labels on the furniture or cushions. There are generally 4 types of labels:

“W” means that you can clean the furniture’s material with water-based cleaners.
“S” means that you need to use water-free solvent.
“WS” means that you can use both water-based or water-free cleaners.
“X” indicates only dry cleaning.

3) To remove stains on furniture which are label “W” or “WS”, mix 1/8 cup of gentle dishwashing liquid with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 2 cups of water. Dab the stain with a small amount of the mixture, refrain from rubbing the stain, it might spoil or fray your fabric. Then rinse the spot with a small amount of cool water and dab it dry.

For materials with an “S” label, apply dry cleaning solvent onto the stain with a clean white cloth. Leave the fabric to ventilate by the windows or near a fan.

4) Many sofas and arm chairs come with removable seats cushions and covers. The following fabric can be washed in a washing machine - tapestry, canvas, denim, microfiber, chenille, corduroy, gingham, ticking, toile, and brocade. To best prevent shrinkage, wash these materials in cold water on a gentle laundry cycle. Air dry the covers, and slip them back on when they’re dry.

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