Sep 082012

When you obtain or purchase used furniture, be sure to check them for bed bugs before bring it back into your home; bed bug infestations can be expensive and troublesome to fix, pest control services can easily cost you over S$500 for 1-2 treatments.

These are the ways you can inspect your furniture for signs of bedbugs, do this before you decide to purchase the furniture from the seller:

1) Bring along a magnifying glass, flashlight, plastic card (e.g. credit card), and disposable latex gloves. Put on the gloves before touching the items.

2) With your card, run it through the corners, nooks, and crannies in the furniture. Bedbugs like to hide in very narrow spaces; use your plastic card to scrap the crevices, and see if you’re able to sweep out any bedbugs. After your scraped a surface, wipe the card’s edge with your fingers, see if there are any bedbugs or their feces or moulted skins.

The bug’s feces is dark red in color. You can use the magnifying glass to help you inspect the residue better.

3) If you’re purchasing furnitures with compartments like drawers, use the flashlight to inspect the inside of the furniture. Use the card to scrape these areas too.

4) Furnitures which are heavily infested with bedbugs have a strange sweet odour. You can try to detect the smell on bigger items by sniffing them.

5) For smaller furniture items, bring along your own cardboard boxes to store and carry them home. Bedbugs also live inside of cardboard boxes, so an extra precaution you could take is to not use the boxes provided by the seller.

p.s. If you’re picking up furniture, mattresses or bedding left near trash containers, they could be infested with bedbugs. Do a thorough check before bringing them back into your house.

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