Sep 272012

Buying a second hand table is a great way to save money; tables are durable furniture that can last for a very long time, and for many people who are looking to furnish their living or working spaces on a budget, getting a used table can help them save money. Purchasing a used wooden table instead of a new one is also an environmentally responsible action.

Here are a few things to take note of when getting a pre-owned table -

1) Check the joints and moveable parts

Although tables are one of the most durable type of furniture, tables with more moveable parts and joints are more susceptible to wear and tear. If you’re getting a table with drawers, you’ll want to check that they still move smoothly. Also, some tables are put together with nails, which under weight and pressure, can easily come loose, weakening the structure of the table.

You’ll have to check that the table is not shaky, try pressing against, or pushing and pulling it, to make sure that it doesn’t collapse when you put heavy stuff on top. Also check the hinges for rust, all these factor can significantly compromise the strength of the table.

2) Check for warping or internal damage

Tables which are cheaply constructed out of inferior quality wood are susceptible to warping or internal damage from moisture. The wood is usually covered with a layer of paint or waterproof material, but over time, this protective layer might get damaged, allowing the wood underneath to absorb moisture and expand.

Also, if the table is directly exposed to water, for example dining tables, you might find bumps and unevenness along its surface if the previous owner let the water sit on the table for prolonged periods. Wooden tables which are warped or damaged by water have less structural strength, using them can pose as a hazard, especially if you have kids that like to lean or press against the tables.

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