Buying Used Furniture


If you’re looking for cost effective ways of furnishing your home or your office, buying used furniture would be a good option to consider. There are also a number of people who look out for used furniture that they can repair and refurbish, they then resell these furniture at a higher price.

When buying used furniture, there are several factors that you’ll want to take into account -

1) Approximate value of that furniture (or a similar model) when it’s brand new

Do a quick search (online, magazines, newspaper) for the same or similar model of furniture. Get a clearer idea of how much you’re actually saving. Doing this will also help you bargain better.

2) Condition of the used furniture

Do not just look at the furniture, you’ll also want to physically test and move its parts, inspect its undersides and insides. Finding any flaws in the good will give you leverage in getting a lower price for your purchase.

3) Price of the used furniture

Knowing how much a brand new version of the furniture costs, you might want to make your own offer to the seller. Most of the times, the seller would be willing to lower his prices if you make a quick purchase, and/or pay the seller in cash. Try not to settle for the seller’s first asking price, instead, make an attempt to haggle for a lower price.

4) Individual or store selling the used furniture

When you interact with the seller, you’ll get an idea of who they are and their state of mind. Some sellers are your normal everyday joes, while the others might be experienced salesmen or furniture dealers. The person that you’re buying the furniture from will affect the price of the good you’ll get.

5) Terms and conditions of the sale

Usually when you buy second hand furniture from someone else on a forum or online classifieds, you’re expected to check everything satisfactorily during your meetup, before you commit to a purchase. After that, it’ll be very difficult to return and get a refund for the good.

For sellers with a storefront, they might give you several weeks to a month’s length of guarantee or warranty.

6) Collection method

Depending on the seller, and the size of the furniture, you might have to self-collect the furniture, or you can have it delivered to your house. Sometimes the location of the furniture sales will also play a part in your purchase decision, especially if you’re living far away from the seller, and you’re not able to hand carry the good.

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