Aug 302012

The benefits of choosing to buy second hand furniture, instead of new ones, go beyond cost savings; there are also green and environmentally positive implications. Purchasing used furniture can also transform into a rewarding hobby for some people.

The following is a list of benefits of buying pre-owned furniture:

Cost Savings
Second hand furniture are often much cheaper than new furniture, they’re an affordable way to furnish your home or office, and in the case of durable furniture like tables and cabinets, these items can last you many more years, especially if they’re well built.

You might not associate this benefit with pre-owned items, but the fact is, there are many people selling their used furniture online. You can easily find them in online classifieds and local forums. A quick search on popular online classifieds, Locanto, gave us over 1,500 offers of used furniture, these furnitures range from storage racks to L-shaped sofas.

Environmentally Friendly
When you buy used furniture, you help to slow down the depletion of Earth’s resources, that’s a huge plus. Singapore is a highly developed country, and like many developed countries, we’re responsible for consuming a significant amount of energy and natural resources. The creation of furnitures, alongside clearing rainforest for farms (and many more factors), contribute towards the disappearance of natural rainforest.

When you buy used furniture, you’re also saving them from ending up in landfills or highly pollutive incinerators.

Collecting Used Furniture
Unlike new furniture, there’s a sort of charm and personality to preowned furniture, each item has its own history, and even though they may have some wear and tear, restoring these goods can in itself be a rewarding endeavour.

A trip down to a used furniture store can be akin to a treasure hunt, you never know what cool items you might end up finding.

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