Dec 092012


88DB is a free online classifieds where you can sell many types of goods and services. You can sell your second-hand furniture in their “Home Furniture and Appliance” section.

Posting an ad on 88DB requires a membership with the website. The registration process is fast and simple. Your free ad posts will remain active for 1 year before expiring.

The ad creation user interface is clean and intuitive, besides the standard ad title and description, you’ll also be able to add locations and maps to your ad post. The website also offers paid listing options for users who want to stick their ad post on the top of the listing pages.

All the ads that you post on 88DB can be edited and managed from your membership account, it’s a convenient way for users to keep track of their ads.

As with many classifieds websites, the listing pages on 88DB has a fair amount of third party advertisement, however, they’re not as intrusive or distracting as other sites, for example, Locanto. The third party ads within an ad post is minimal, there’s only one Google ad.

Overall, the user experience for sellers and buyers on is better than average. The website has a number of useful features that helps visitors discover ads put up by other users, for example the search bar located on the top of the page, and the related ads section located at the bottom of each ad post.

Go to 88DB “Home Furniture and Appliance”

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