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UsedFurnitureSingapore.net is a resource site about vintage, antique and second hand furniture; we discuss how and where to find, buy, and sell these pre-owned items, from home furniture, to office furniture and everything in between. If you’re looking for more services other than furniture, check out EnquireServices.com.

Places Where You Can Buy Second Hand Furniture

The following is a list of local stores and dealers specialising in vintage, antique, and second hand furniture; these are great places to find economically priced furniture, or one-of-a-kind furniture with an old world charm.

Shopping for pre-owned furniture can be quite an enjoyable experience; when you visit the stores, you might find great bargains or really unique looking pieces of furniture that’s not available in big stores like Courts or IKEA.

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Where To Buy And Sell Second Hand Furniture Online

Many people use online classifieds and local forums to find, buy and sell their pre-owned furniture. There are many websites that you can use to post up your offers, along with photos and descriptions of your items. The following are just a few of these sites:

If your furniture is still in good condition, always consider selling them first, instead of disposing of the item – it’s good for the environment and even better for your pocket.

Where To Donate Your Furniture

If you have furniture that you no longer want, and you don’t wish to go through the hassle of selling it, consider donating it to the various charitable organisations in Singapore. The following is a list of organisations you can give your second hand furniture to:

Pass It On


Salvation Army

Before you donate your furniture, please make sure the item that you’re donating is still in good condition. Refrain from donating broken or badly damaged furniture, as the charities will not accept these items.

Furniture Repair, Restoration, and Disposal Services

Other ways to deal with your used furniture is to repair and restore them; you can do this through reupholstery, re-varnishing, repainting and carpentry. However, if the furniture is in really poor condition, it might be easier and cheaper to dispose of it. The following is a list of businesses providing furniture repair, restoration, and disposal services:

A number of these service providers offer on-site repair services, which is really convenient if you require minor restoration work for your furniture. More commonly, people seek repair and restoration services for valuable or important pieces of furniture, vintage and antique items that are one of a kind and cannot be easily replaced.

Movers in Singapore

Unlike other household or personal items, you might require some help moving furniture around. Bulky furniture like dining tables, cupboards, bed frames, etc, would probably have to be transported in a van or lorry. If you’re looking to pack, deliver, dispose, or store furniture, you should consider contracting moving companies. Here are a few of them:

About Used Furniture in Singapore

There’s a big industry for furniture in Singapore, in June 2014, the Department of Statistics in Singapore reported a population size of 5.47 million people, and this number is growing annually.

Singapore also has one of the highest housing percentage in the world, at 1,200,000 resident households as of the year 2014, the home ownership rate is a staggering 90.3%, and the percentage of Singaporeans living in 4 room flats or larger is 75.9%. Now that’s a lot of room to be filled with furniture!

Used furniture are a substantial part of the Singaporean home and living. Every month, many second hand furniture are sold or discarded, it happens when Singaporeans buy new furniture in big sales events, when they’re moving house, or during Chinese New Year spring cleaning, etc. Many of these second hand furniture should be salvaged, repaired, and refurbished, so that they can be utilised again.

There are many reasons people would buy second hand furniture, and it’s not only because they’re looking to save some money. Many of the old pre-owned furniture have rich histories, and they’re considered to be vintage or antique. There’s a sizeable local community of passionate collectors who seek out and purchase furniture from the mid century, British colonial, and industrial periods.

We also encourage the selling, buying and using of preowned furniture, because it has positive effects on the environment. Instead of throwing away the whole item, only the non-working and damaged parts are discarded, this reduces a lot of wastage. Also, the process of refurbishing used furniture does not consume as much natural resources compared to building new furniture.